Do You Make These 12 Personal Development Mistakes

The Only place you’ll find success coming before work is in a dictionary

Therefore, you have told yourself that you need to become better than you were yesterday, simply because you know in your heart that the path to success is peppered with landmines and you don’t want to step on any that might burst your bubbles…hence your desire to engage in personal development and you have started on the journey.

This post is to serve as a checklist for you as you embark on your path to greatness, I have highlighted some personal development mistakes, I have made with my own personal development training, maybe you would be able to identify some that would resonant with you or probably you are still making some of them too.

Let Get Started…On Some Personal Development Mistakes

Personal Development Mistake #1: NOT TAKING ACTION

Personal development helps you to become better at what you are trying to do, it gives an undue advantage, because you are taking training from folks that have gone ahead of you…

Yes, you have read books or reading a book, you have listened to the CDs or you have watched some videos  or you have attended some training, workshops seminars, an expensive training with a top personal development trainer, you have done so much that can help you develop yourself.

You know the stuffs you have gone through is good, your mindset is recharged, you know that feeling, when you feel, you can take on the world and you would be SUCCESSFUL!

Therefore, the number 1 mistake is, you are yet to take ACTION…you are scare, you have all the details…you know you have gained the knowledge, deep down in your heart you have the information, you are a loaded gun, ready to explore the world.

But, nothing, you are experiencing what is known as Analysis Paralysis…we all do it all the time, you are doubting your new mindset, you have simply not taken ACTION.


Action cures fear…yes! do it, take the the needed action, you might fail, yes, what if you become successful, you will never know the outcome, until you take the action.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be GREAT to start, But you have to START for it to be GREAT!


Personal Development Mistake #2: NO FOCUS

Not all that glitters is gold…staying put and getting results is something personal development will help us accomplish…but pursuing after the next shining concept is something will all must stand up against in our quest to become better…

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, staying the course, I saw one definition of FOCUS and it stayed with me since I heard it…






The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it has only be watered better, are you constantly drifting from your focus?…

Why, did you embark on your personal development, you cant pick up a book today, you read some pages, you drop it, a friend suggest another one, you start reading that one again, then you’re on youtube, you see another fascinating video, you are just not focus.

Hey! that was me, I have to learn how to finish a book, even when the book is boring, I know you know what that means…you need the development, stay on course…

Remember, that is what you have to do, stay focus on the goal

mistake #2 in personal development

Personal Development Mistake #3 NOT BEING CONSISTENT

Water can split a Rock…you were probably high or you were under the influence of something or somebody, I meant that in a positive way, seriously not what you were thinking…Ahahahaha!!!

There was something that made you to decide to develop yourself, acquire those mad skills, you knew your life needed that course, your dream job would require that workshop or training…

Hey! I know that was not your plan…but you can’t QUIT now…you bought that book, finish it, don’t just decorate your shelf with those wonderful titles.

Don’t just carry that book around to scare your folks or coarse them to think you are developing yourself, that you are getting better.

You probably bought the book or attended the training because somebody forced you…just do yourself a favour, FINISH READING IT…

mistake #3-not consistent with your actions

You know it would go a long way to build you up.

Consistent habit forms your CHARACTER           21-days-to-a-new-you

Personal Development Mistake #4 EXPECTING RESULT TOO SOON

I have always been into Personal Development, it looks as if the reading, was just for reading sake. But sometimes ago, I’ve had to do something in my community, we needed to talk to people on the streets and get their contact details, for me that was scary but out on the field, all my personal development stuffs, became useful, it was no longer scary, it was fun talking to people.

Imagine, how I felt in the past for not seeing the kind of result, I was expecting from all my reading of becoming a better conversationalist.

Develop yourself, when it would be required most times, you will not be pre-informed.

You want any tip, you know what you want, go out, get it and keep doing it…your preparation will pay off, very soon, just like mine.

mistake#4 don't expoect result too son

Personal Development Mistake #5: NO GOALS

Imagine, a football field of without a goal post…what are you trying to achieve, this can be in 2 ways:

  1. You Have a Gigantic Goal: You have set the goal too high, that it seem, it is unattainable. E.g I want to read 10 books in a month
  2. You Have a Tiny Goal: You’ve set a small goal, that would make you feel successful with just a little effort, you know you can be better than this. E.g Just a few lines of a book in a day


Personal Development Mistake #6: LOOKING FOR MAGIC PILL

There are no Magic Pills anywhere, we all have to be ready to put in the needed effort. if you have been looking for magic pills I suggest that you focus on fewer ideas, actually applying them and reinforcing them.


Personal Development Mistake #7: COMPARING YOUR GROWTH

Our experience differs, our makeup is different, the way we all react to situations will never be the same and definitely we are all in different timezone of our individual life…











When you embark on this journey, you should expect some of your belief to be discarded, your actions and motivations to be improved up, in all expect CHANGE!!! Do Not be Afraid…CHANGE is good for PROGRESS…

These are some of the Personal Development Mistakes I have made and some that I see other people making, which of them is personal to you, let hear your thought in the comment section.

However, if you’re a human being like me…there is one something that is common to both of us, Personal Development is always going to be something we would always want to improve on, there is no END in sight…


P.S. You must work on your personal development, if you want to achieve big success in life especially in this industry…

Work harder on yourself than you do on anything else…

Hey! be proud of yourself, it is not all gloom, these personal development mistakes that you are making is a good thing, at least, it shows you are taking steps towards your desired goals, you know of people that are not doing ANYTHING, to make their life better, you are BETTER than them, we all are all looking for a way, TO BE THE BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES!!!

Yes! you may have made  these personal development mistakes, AVOID them next time, BUT go out there and ACHIEVE GREATNESS…

Do You Know Of Other Personal Development Mistakes That I Did Not Mention…

Let’s Know About Them In The COMMENT SECTION BELOW


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  1. Wow! This is an awesome post!!
    My takeaway from this article, “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it has only be watered better!”.

    Thanks for sharing this Akinola

  2. Yes, I do. That’s why I am very confuse what should I do. I am taking a challenge for personal development. I backward for that reasons. Now I am very happy that I have got these info for good resolve my problem.

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